Residential Contractor

Pluum Construction is a full-service building contractor for Portland, Oregon.  Our range of services span from demolition to design and planning to complete construction. We approach small projects in Portland, OR with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail as we do those of a grander scope.


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Designed for on-time

Currently, the majority of our work is in residential buildings.  We specialize in both restoration and modernization of historic and period sensitive residences in the Portland neighborhoods.  Our portfolio of projects in Portland, OR also includes suburban remodeling and additions. We constantly strive for superior results today and in the future. Our reputation for unconditional commitment to the quality of our work and customer satisfaction comes directly from a management style designed for on-time, on-budget project completion.

All areas of Construction

New construction or additions including but not limited to ADUs.

New Construction

Pluum Construction is a full-service builder specializing in communities featuring single and multifamily-family homes and condominiums primarily in the Portland Metropolitan area and SW Washington. Our focus is on developing unique houses that appeal to all types of homebuyers while offering quality and ensuring the process is as easy as possible. Each of our homes or office buildings is designed to offer a home or place for business and a lifestyle crafted and enhanced by the local features of the Pacific Northwest. Talk to us today about getting you into the home and office building of your dreams.